Wednesday, May 20, 2015

160 Get Carter

This week we review the classic British crime film Get Carter released in 1971. A view into the gritty proletariat British underworld, this groundbreaking film dispenses with the flash of previous British efforts, likening itself more to American detective stories. Mark feels its influences may have come full circle however, with directors like Guy Ritchie emulating Get Carter but unfortunately falling into a stylized glammy traps. A classic anti-hero feast, Michael Caine is the definition of the "smooth criminal."

Download: 160 Get Carter 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

159 Strangers with Candy

This week we review the sketch comedy adaptation Strangers with Candy. A lukewarm response from both Matt and Mark, Matt tries to dissect why 30 minute sketch comedy shows tend to limp into mediocre 90 minute films. It could be that while Amy Sedaris's Jerri Blank is funny for a 10 minute block, stretching this unlikable character to film length becomes challenging. Anyway, Mark has declared this the summer of 'funny', so let this be the vanguard.

Download: 159 Strangers with Candy

Monday, May 4, 2015

158 Red (1994)

This week we review the evocative Krzysztof Kieslowski swan song Red from his Three Colors Trilogy. A universally praised movie, its themes focus on the ideas of chance relationships and redemption. Mark brings up an interesting point however: while the main character is female, her story and character seem to take a back seat. Why? I don't think we'll ever know. A beautiful film of masterful detail, regardless.

Download: 158 Red (1994)

Monday, April 27, 2015

157 The Room

Oh hi! We're back. This week we review Tommy Wiseau's 2003 disasterpiece The Room! Mark brings some back story to the podcast while Matt brings his voice (back). Yes, it's been awhile as a Westeros class winter cold has ruined Matt's voice for much of the past month. Anyway, make sure to go out and catch the MST-3K 2015 release of The Room in a theater near you.

Download: 157 The Room 

Monday, March 30, 2015

156 Das Boot

This week we took a significant portion of our free time and devoted it to watching the 3.5 hour directors cut of Das Boot. Divorced of U.S. war film tropes, Das Boot offers up a depiction of war that combines the psychological with action in a way that forces the watcher to feel the claustrophobia and terror of war at sea. Despite its subject matter, Das Boot is also an exposition on the mechanical wonders of undersea warfare, strangely making it one of Matt's adolescent cult hits.

Download: 156 Das Boot

Monday, March 23, 2015

155 District 9

Matt and Mark review the Oscar nominated District 9! One of the better Sci-Fi films in recent years, the film asks question about our humanity by our reaction to the inhuman. Despite its many plot holes and heavy handed themes, District 9 creates characters you feel invested in (human and alien) and builds a level of tension in its beautiful action sequences. Additional D9 is a technical achievement that uses CGI in way that compliments film making as opposed to detracting from it.

Download: 155 District 9

Monday, March 16, 2015

154 Easy Rider

The ultimate movie of the short lived motorcycle genre, Easy Rider takes the societal outcast counter-culture mythos to a new level. In their road quest, Wyatt and Billy realize they too have fallen prey to the machinery which they seek to rise above. Because in the end, they're just a couple of capitalists working their end of a scheme, man. "We blew it Billy!" A 60's complete with stereotypical flaky hippies and homicidal rednecks, Easy Rider let's you once again fly the tattered freak flag.

Download: 154 Easy Rider