Tuesday, June 21, 2016

202 Network

Are you as mad as Hell? Are you going to keep taking it?.... yeah, probably. What's better than raging against machine? Raging against the machine for profit and marketshare. The duplicitous nature of corporate television news seems to somehow continue to masquerade as impartial, a shabby illusion we continue to buy into even today. "Damn, liberal media!" Network not only exposes this thin facade, but it hints at television gutters to come, infotainment, scripted reality t.v., etc... What's the abyssal chthonic terminus of all this? Take a look at your 2016 ballot, and we're almost there.

Download: 202 Network

Monday, June 13, 2016

201 Demolition Man

It's been awhile, but Matt and Mark are back! We review the 1996 sci-fi actioner Demolition Man. Despite the titular song by the stung solo artist Sting, Demo Man satisfies the action itch while deftly inserting humor into a farcical future. Stallone and Woody Allen may live in separate universes, but Demo Man mirrors the classic Sleeper in more ways then you'd suspect. And, who the f*%k doesn't love Wesley Snipes (well, besides the IRS).

Download: 201 Demolition Man

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bonus Episode #2

It's our long awaited bonus episode! This one's for the fans (and friends) who've managed to get it together to listen to our inanity for four years running! A free-from mix of topical tangential nonsense and our morning coffee house ramblings. There's a good 2.5 hrs dosage here. Binge away. We'll be back for another 100 episodes of cult film reviews in a couple of weeks. And if you're longing for more, hit our back episodes by following the links on our blog at cultfilmreview.blogspot.com or head over to iTunes and search The Cult of Matt and Mark Archive01.

Download: Bonus Episode #2

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

200 Mulholland Drive

We made it! This week Matt and Mark celebrate our 200th Podcast with Lynch's masterpiece Mulholland Drive. A dream film with a reality coda, Lynch creates an evocative experience that never loses sight of its character study. This is a film about the jagged hard edge of Hollywood's ego trip and its menace to the dreamers who dare give it a go. Diane/Betty's downward spiral of mediocrity and failure is nothing new, but Lynch teases out a world that is like a Grimm fairy tale, a mix of innocent intentions and nightmare.

Download:  200 Mulholland Drive

Monday, April 25, 2016

199 Planet of the Apes

This week Matt and Mark go ape shit over Planet of the Apes. A straightforward piece of beautiful science fiction, PotA does the classic turn of reversing the world we take for granted. While assuming the position of a middle-ages clergymen, Dr. Zias is oddly perhaps the most sympathetic character of the film (at least he's not a miserable nihilist like that asshole Taylor). Is there such thing as a benign charlatan? While absolute truth my serve the individual, its role in culture may be something more complicated.

Download: 199 Planet of the Apes

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

198 Behind the Green Door

Can anyone ever make a truly "good" porn film? Most of the time the subject matter's visceral mechanics deny any higher humanization of performers, and no one ever seems to have time for back story, plot, or character development. But 1972's Behind the Green door attempts to rise above its stag film pedigree.... and kind of fails. Matt and Mark agree that, while interesting in a historical sense, its not a good film, neither as a 'film' or pornographically. Swept under the rug of VHS tapes and Youporn, it's time has past but its psychedelic money shots remain in our collective consciousness.

Download: 198 Behind the Green Door    

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

197 C.H.U.D.

It's hard not to discuss the nature of Trump supporters without bringing up the seminal 80's schlock fest C.H.U.D. Despite the nuclear sized plot-holes and inadequate monster origins story, C.H.U.D. manages a little bit of charm by utilizing the acting talents of its strong second tier cast to the fullest. If anything, it harvests the zeitgeists of 80's era nuclear waste trains and rogue sewer alligator urban-myths, welcoming us back to this bygone Reagan era.

Download: 197 C.H.U.D.