Sunday, July 24, 2016

206 Event Horizon

The Shining in Space? Or maybe 2010 with a little Solaris thrown in? Hmm... no? How about Hellraiser meets Alien? Well, whatever Paul Anderson's Event Horizon was attempting, it got short shrift from a mercilessly hurried editing job that diminished what might have been its seminal scenes of horror and dread. But does it work? Just a little bit, and that's all that might be necessary here. Despite its scientific plot holes, there's enough here that allows EH to stand the test of time, at least from a cult film standpoint.

Download: 206 Event Horizon

Monday, July 18, 2016

205 Pitch Black

Mark has stealthily kicked off his "Summer of Action" (unbeknownst to Matt) a few movies back, and now we're full throttle this week with the Vin Diesel engine Pitch Black! Inaugurating a milquetoast space opera franchise that still lingers, here we're introduced to the titular Riddich! A straight up decent B sci-fi film, PB doesn't pretend to be anything its not and in the process delivers a well rounded fleshed out cast of monster fodder. Benefiting from the blackness, the sins of nascent CGI effects are dutifully hidden for maximum affect.

Download: 205 Pitch Black

Monday, July 11, 2016

204 Spanking the Monkey

Ah yes, the classic teen summer sex comedy where the frustrated protagonist, in a series of hijinks, ends up sleeping with his mom... no.... wait! Yep, 1994's Spanking the Monkey builds the strangely believable scenario of how such a preposterous Greek drama may actually unfold in the sub-urban present day. Matt and Mark agree that the film would have been able to deliver its point without the taboo act, but would it have been as poignant? Perhaps. But in a truly dysfunctional family, rife with jealousy and unrequited needs, incest as an act of vandalism maybe isn't that unbelievable. However, Matt and Mark agree, having to spank the titular monkey in the bathroom of a somewhat empty house is absolute contrivance!

Download: 204 Spanking the Monkey

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

203 The Omega Man

The NRA fantasy which Chuck Heston somehow misconstrued for reality later in life, The Omega Man attempts a worthy adaptation of the Matheson vampire classic I Am Legend... and kind of fails. The tone changes and plot holes, including The Family as worthy post-apocalyptic adversaries, divorced the film from the lonely psychological epic of its source material. There's been three IAL adaptations, all failing to deliver the titular goods due to Hollywood's need for a well tested ending. The Omega Man, sadly, is just an imperfect milestone towards the yet-to-be-made film we all deserve.

Download:  203 The Omega Man

Monday, June 27, 2016

Donnie Darko (Archive01)

It's summertime folks! And you know what that means, vacation! Mark is out of town, so to tide you over until our review of The Omega Man, we bring you one from the archives (Archive01 that is)... D. Darko!! Remember jet engines make strange bedfellows and don't hit the cinemas with Frank the Bunny, he talks to goddamn much. Enjoy!

Download: Donnie Darko (Archive01)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

202 Network

Are you as mad as Hell? Are you going to keep taking it?.... yeah, probably. What's better than raging against machine? Raging against the machine for profit and marketshare. The duplicitous nature of corporate television news seems to somehow continue to masquerade as impartial, a shabby illusion we continue to buy into even today. "Damn, liberal media!" Network not only exposes this thin facade, but it hints at television gutters to come, infotainment, scripted reality t.v., etc... What's the abyssal chthonic terminus of all this? Take a look at your 2016 ballot, and we're almost there.

Download: 202 Network

Monday, June 13, 2016

201 Demolition Man

It's been awhile, but Matt and Mark are back! We review the 1996 sci-fi actioner Demolition Man. Despite the titular song by the stung solo artist Sting, Demo Man satisfies the action itch while deftly inserting humor into a farcical future. Stallone and Woody Allen may live in separate universes, but Demo Man mirrors the classic Sleeper in more ways then you'd suspect. And, who the f*%k doesn't love Wesley Snipes (well, besides the IRS)..

Download: 201 Demolition Man