Tuesday, November 26, 2013

097 A Scanner Darkly

A film tailor made for Philip K Dick fans, where many Hollywood blockbusters have failed (yep, that's my finger and it's pointed at you Stephen Spielberg and John Woo) Richard Linklater delivers the goods.... which may be the reason ASD didn't bring the masses to the megaplex, but whatever. While not necessarily the most coherent of podcasts to date, we try to get to the 'dark' heart of A Scanner Darkly's drug fueled paranoia, with our meager sober minds.

Download: 097 A Scanner Darkly

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

096 Children of Men

What most action movies strive to achieve but somehow completely fail at, Children of Men, the apocalyptic drama by director Alfonso Cuaron, succeeds. Filmed with such immediacy and consequence, it's hard not to be in the shoes (or flip-flops) of Clive Owen's Theo and ponder the slow whimper-filled twilight of mankind's tenure. So pull yourself up a bottle of Scotch (Matt a 20yr Macallan, Mark a 12yr Glenfiddich) and embrace the sweet oblivion.

Download: 096 Children of Men

Monday, November 11, 2013

095 Trainspotting

No, Matt and Mark did not indulge heroin for this week's podcast, even though our off-kilter and awkward Skype issues might give one the impression of a nascent junk habit. This week we review the British cult 90's classic Trainspotting. Not much of a morality tale, and as the viewer you don't much care, as it offers up a buffet of interesting characters all swirling around the desperate world of heroin use. Solidly directed with solid actors, Danny Boyle made a name for himself with this iconic film, leading to a career that continues to challenge its viewers.

Download: 095 Trainspotting

Sunday, November 3, 2013

094 Pink Flamingos

With the invention of the internet and its vast inexhaustible 24/7 geek show, the relevance of Pink Flamingos has long past. Despite its obsolete status, it still does not fail to disgust (there's a little bit of vomit-in-your-mouth for everyone). John Waters somehow managed to carve out a mainstream film career from this cinematic circus freak show, which defies convention. Not really Matt and Mark's cup o' tea, we both struggle to take a little bit away.

Download: 094 Pink Flamingos