Tuesday, June 30, 2015

164 Smokey and The Bandit

Little did we all know that it was truckers and CB's that pioneered the art of wi-fi and chat rooms back in the day. Smokey and the Bandit introduced America to the adventure/comic-laid world of the big rig trucker and his Southern domains via comedic stylings of legend Jackie Gleason and Burt Reynolds. Matt is disappointed his childhood nostalgia for such fair, infused with hot wheels sandbox antics and pre-pubescent notions of romance, didn't send him back into yesteryear. However, Mark's first viewing left a positive impression. Pop a Coors, sit back, and relax good buddy 10-4.

Download: 164 Smokey and The Bandit

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

163 Zoolander

An Ebert one-star movie, Matt and Mark come across probably one of the famous film critic's worst reviews of all time. Conflating Zoolander's "insensitivity" to the events of 9/11 is probably one of the greatest stretches since the Olympic pole vault record was broken. Regardless, derived from Ben Stiller's hilarious "Ben Stiller Show", Zoolander deftly ties all its sketches in with a fairly consistent and well written story line. So grab a hose of 87 Octane and let the fun begin!

Download:  163 Zoolander

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

162 Real Genius

The nerd stereotype, codified recently by such sitcom fair as Big Ban Theory, is much more nuanced and varied than your typical comic book nerd, as depicted in 1985's classic Real Genius. Chris Knight, Mitch Taylor, and Lazlo Hollyfield portray well thought out three dimensional characters that offer up a tiny comedic slice of the genius mind. While playing loose and fast with technical development cycles for military hardware and procurement timelines, Real Genius makes science coooool!

Download: 162 Real Genius