Sunday, July 28, 2013

081 Red Rock West

Adios Red Rock! This week Matt and Mark review the neo-noir western Red Rock West directed by John Dahl. A fairly straight up review, Matt waxes nostalgic for a Wyoming perhaps more intriguing than ever experienced while Mark gives us a virgin-eyed view of this early 90's classic. All actors are in top form including an non-inebriated/non-crazy Nick Cage and the ever wily Dennis Hopper. So kick up your cowboy boots, grab yourself a bottle of Bud and a shot of Jim Beam, and enjoy...

Download:  081 Red Rock West

Monday, July 22, 2013

080 Chinatown

Chinatown... not so much a place as it is an unknowable reality which Jake Gittes attempts to understand when he follows John Huston's Noah Cross down his amoral rabbit hole. Steeped in classic film noir tropes, Chinatown isn't so much an homage as it is a synthesis of the classics. The water-tight script has been called the "greatest script ever" by film scholars and it's hard to argue otherwise, although Mark manages to point some a few ambiguous inconsistencies. Polanski, familiar with the abyss himself, takes us on a tour.

Download: 080 Chinatown

Sunday, July 14, 2013

079 Goonies

In 1985 Steven Spielberg conjured the kids' film Goonies from his bag of money-making tricks and garnered a cult following among the adolescents of the day (Matt and Mark included). Set in the rainy berg of Astoria, Oregon, Goonies is an Indiana Jones for juniors. Mark takes issue with fat kid stereotypes but gives the film cred for its realistic fraternal relationships, while Matt reminisces about the 80's style water parks. But all in all, we still must fault Spielberg for his hallmark emotional manipulation even though he let's adolescent kids crack sex jokes and say "shit", something verboten in today's young adult film market. 

Download: 079 Goonies

Sunday, July 7, 2013

078 True Romance

A film that somehow usurps its lead actor and director by its supporting performances and screenwriting, True Romance was quintessential 90's cool. Quentin Tarantino, as writer, is at the heart of this updated Bonnie and Clyde story, where comic book nerds leap from their lowly low-paying clerk status into the realm of mobsters, Hollywood coke kings, and the FBI, all the while sweeping blonde bombshells off their feet. What's not to love!? Mark and Matt both indulge this highway fantasy, while Mark discusses what cosmic alignment must occur for him to entertain the idea of procreation.

Download: 078 True Romance

Monday, July 1, 2013

077 THX 1138

George Lucus's debut feature THX 1138 was one of the first and last Zoetrope films to be produced by Francis Ford Coppola's nascent production company. Before Star Wars and the ILM empire was founded, Lucas cut his chops on true Sci-Fi themes in this dystopic 1984 story revised for the 60's/70's bomb-shelter generation. Matt and Mark digest the themes of the film, embellished by a haunting sound track and stark sterile visuals. Both agree this is rock-solid sci-fi which mainstream film rarely dabbles in and few get right.

Download:  077 THX 1138