Monday, April 29, 2013

068 The Third Man

This week Matt stupefies Mark, and possibly raises the ire of all those who consider themselves fans of cinema, by shrugging off the film noir classic The Third Man, starring Orson Welles. Yep, Matt must admit he did not enjoy the film, despite its essential place in cinematic history. Mark makes the case which Matt respects, but in the end, film will always be a subjective media. Anyway, we'll let the listener decide. Hate mail welcome!

Download:  068 The Third Man

Saturday, April 20, 2013

067 Aliens

"We're in some real pretty shit now!" Well, it's good to see that in the far interstellar future of mankind, the institution of the U.S. Marines is spreading its diplomatic subtleties far and wide, perhaps no better embodied by the memorable Pvt. Hudson character played by Bill Paxton in James Cameron's epic sequel Aliens. Matt obsesses over James Cameron's flair for far future gadgetry while Mark muses on the humor of Hudson, literally and figuratively. After 27 years, Aliens is a terrific sci-fi film that's stood the test of time.

Download:  067 Aliens

Sunday, April 14, 2013

066 Dersu Uzala

The famous Japanese director Akira Kurawasa released his only non-Japanese language film in 1975, Dersu Uzala, the true life tale of Siberia's version of Jedi Master Yoda. Matt and Mark invite Mark's better half Jean to share in our discussion of the quiet classic. Man v. Nature is always a straight forward theme, but here, we're treated to a nuanced interpersonal relationship between two characters that define the eternal struggle. With vistas of Far East Russia, Dersu is a beautiful snapshot of frontier life that's all but disappeared.

Download: 066 Dersu Uzala

Monday, April 8, 2013

065 American Psycho

Is Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman a metaphor for corporate America, male narcissism, or both? Matt and Mark try to sort it out when we review the darkly satiric American Psycho, released in 2000. Matt rants about the Reagan era, embodied by Patrick Batemen's empathy-free consumerist machismo, while Mark brings up the hypothetical and controversial view that the only problem with serial killers is their choice of victim. And last but not least, R.I.P. Roger Ebert, you will be missed.

Download: 065 American Psycho

Monday, April 1, 2013

064 Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer is farcically neither. A film in a long line of farce comedies, Wet Hot has a lot to live up to. While Matt compares it to titans of the comedy sub-genre (Caddyshack, Strange Brew, Ron Burgandy, etc...) and finds much to criticize, including its lack of a comedic anchorman, no pun intended, Mark indulges and champions it's hit-or-miss weirdness. One of the few films where we disagree, it makes for a much lively discussion than your average junior high sycophantic scene rehashing.

Download: 064 Wet Hot American Summer