Saturday, January 28, 2012

005 Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch

In this week's episode, we review the 90's postmodern/psychedelic western Dead Man, by indie film director Jim Jarmusch. Both of us agree this is an exceptional film and ground breaking in its re-interpretation of what could be considered a bygone genre, the western. Packed with notable personalities, Jarmusch offers a beautiful sequence of vignettes, that unto themselves, requires little context. Filmed on location in our native Northwest, we attempt to add a little local flavor to the discussion. Dead Man stars the ever adventurous Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, awesomely weird Crispin Glover, Lance Henricksen, legend Iggy Pop, Michael Wincott, Billy Bob Thornton, Alfred Molina, John Hurt, and late western icon Robert Mitchum. Enjoy!

Download: 005 Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch