Sunday, October 28, 2012

042 Jacob's Ladder by Adrian Lyne

Take a ride down the ladder! A drug induced hallucination of a dying mind or a transcendent spiritual epiphany? Matt and Mark have slightly different takes on whether or not it matters in Adrian Lyne's disturbing Jacob's Ladder, released in 1990. Tim Robbins as Jacob Singer gives an evocative and melancholy performance in this unique psychological film about the dying process; like death itself, it is not easy to watch. Worthy of note is Lyne's use of "thalidomide" inspired visuals and body-horror to create the film's demonic imagery.

Download: 042 Jacob's Ladder by Adrian Lyne (Rebroadcast)

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  1. You have reviewed the film I consider to the best and most disturbing horror film of the last 25 years. My only complaint about the film is the ending. If it was not bookended as Matt noted think of the fountain of self doubt that you would have as you left the theater. From Tom R. See below

    As for the hullucinations, there no reality of perception unaffected by past experience. All perception is a matter of past subjective experience and current expectation.