Monday, July 13, 2015

166 Napoleon Dynamite

Apparently it takes an LDS BYU grad to truly get the nerd right when it comes to Hollywood film making. Scrap the stereotypes of the late night hacking (but cool) nerds of standard film fare, because the true nerd is one like Napoleon, social hobbled yet obsessed over things which bring no social currency. One of Matt's favorite funny movies, it's hard to watch ND with a straight face, even if you've seen the film too many times to count. Anyway, Vote for Pedro and enjoy.

Download: 166 Napoleon Dynamite


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  2. First time poster.
    Really enjoyed this movie and glad to hear that Matt is getting into the Summer of Funny. I thought the Trailer Talk (batman vs superman and episode 7) were a fun addition to the preshow.

    ND really brings back high school memories of a particular lack of social self awareness and the comments about the mistaken belief in misunderstood genius really hit the nail on the head. Nerd or jock, it seems like every gets stuck, temporarily or not, in a social construct in their teen years. The movie does a great job of demonstrating how even someone as socially stuck as Napoleon can reach past that barrier by just being a nice guy to the people around him.

  3. As Morrissey said, "It takes guts to be gentle and kind." Thanks for the the comment. -M