Sunday, August 19, 2012

033 Waiting for Guffman by Christopher Guest

This week Matt and Mark review 1997's Waiting for Guffman by Christopher Guest. In the mockocumenteray genre he made famous with follow-ups Best in Show and A Mighty Wind, Guest blends ad-lib sketch and musical comedy into a film length feature. Mark explores the plight of the characters, while Matt attempts to overcome his cynicism in order to embrace their delusional yet sincere need to entertain. Both of us wonder, however, if Guest's stereotypical portrayal of gay Corky St. Clair won't be the equivalent of "black face" a few decades down the road. Enjoy! 


  1. hey guys still love the podcast, to be honest i dont know why i'm one of the only people who posts comments, anyway i have two suggestions the film Brick and the hungarian film Kontrol set in the budapest underground its fantastic and i'd love to hear your opinions on either of these films thanks.

  2. We will keep/add these films to our Netflix queue and let you know when we review them. Thanks again for the input and much thanks for listening! Spread the Cult!

  3. I have officially added Brick and Kontroll to the Netflix Queue. Ah, Budapest. Been there once, lovely city. Rian Johnson's Looper is out soon, maybe we should review/spoil an in theatres now movie?