Thursday, December 20, 2012

050 Die Hard by John McTiernan

Yippee-ki-yay, Mother F****rs, It's Christmas movie time! In 1988 Bruce Willis starred as the venerable John McClane in Die Hard, paving the way for a decades spanning action enterprise that refuses to *cough* die. A script loaded with one-liners, overly campy character archetypes, and a little touching sappiness to boot, Die Hard achieves what it set out to do: epitomize all that is 80's action. Bruce Willis would never be the same afterward and neither would we. Sparing us the stilted accent of Schwarzenegger and the punchy slur of Stallone, Willis offered us a "thinking man's" action star...or at least a coherent one.

Download: 050 Die Hard (Rebroadcast)


  1. Hi M & M,
    Glad to see this review, this one is definitely one of my guilty cinema pleasures! Also, we had our annual Xmas day viewing of Dead Man, another classic of Americana that you did a great job on last January; any movie with Iggy Pop...

  2. You're welcome Bonnie... Die Hard is a seminal X-mas movie, if there ever was one