Sunday, December 30, 2012

051 Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly

"Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?" Oh Frank, such a quip from a demonic 6' tall rabbit. This week we enter Richard Kelly's tangential universe in the neo cult-classic Donnie Darko, starring the siblings Gyllenhaal. Despite perhaps an overly contrived metaphysical philosophy (which provides the basis for this genre-bender) Donnie Darko succeeds with its atmosphere. We are left to bask in its weirdness, a demonic rabbit, a dues-ex machina jet engine, and the truth that the world will end in 28 days. All of this combined with its nostalgic 80's high school setting somehow works, making it a thoroughly enjoyable film despite its calorie-free ending.

Download: 051 Donnie Darko (Rebroadcast) 


  1. Hey guys,
    Thanks for doing Brick a while back, guess it was a stylised film but i love film noir, so when i seen that kind of Chinatown meets Ferris Buelers day off mash-up i thought it was really innovative and that’s why i recommended it to you two, if you guys are looking for any other films to add to the que i have some more suggestions : Tarentino's Jackie Brown- not as well known as Pulp Fiction or Resevoir Dogs but its a great film, The Coen Brothers Barton Fink with a performance from John Turturo he can be proud of, unlike his recent ones in transformers( and i dont thik you guys have done any Coen brothers films yet), Nimrod Antals Dark Hungarian cult film Kontrol and Luc Besson's Leon.
    Thanks, your ever loyal Cultist
    Aaron connell

  2. oh sorry , you already have Kontrol added. But the otheres are good.