Sunday, January 26, 2014

105 Heavy Metal 1981

Don Felder, the unsung hero of the most loved/hated band ever The Eagles, bestows some righteous licks upon the adult animated universe in this week's cult classic Heavy Metal (1981). Another notch in the belt of Mark's Dan O'bannon'othon, Matt takes a nostalgic trip into his 80's adolescence and remember his first exposure to the T&A laden comic book magazine. Not exactly up to the snuff of today's slick CGI bombast, Heavy Metal does lay the groundwork for future tropes however.

Download: 105 Heavy Metal 1981

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  1. Not sure if my previous went through, but given heavy talk of Ralph Bakshi during this podcast, would recommend "American Pop" if you wanted to review one of his movies - less known and in my opinion much more interesting approach to story telling.